Naruto: Jiraiya’s five hidden moves that Naruto can’t learn


1. Sage Art: Gojo Ten'yin: This technique is Jiraiya's strongest move, capable of unleashing boiling oil at temperatures similar to the sun's surface, devouring all matter. It could have wiped out the Shinobi Alliance and possibly even more.

2. Toad Transformation: A terrifying ninjutsu used for interrogation, it never fails to extract information. Jiraiya is renowned as an intelligence expert for using this technique.

3. Foot Sealing: Jiraiya's Foot Sealing is even more impressive than Minato's One-Handed Seals. Even if both hands were severed, Jiraiya can still fight, while Minato would be defenseless without his hands.


4. Swamp of the Underworld: This technique can immobilize opponents in a swamp, catching them off guard. Jiraiya used it successfully against one of Pain's Paths. It's a useful crowd control technique.

5. Sealing Fire Formula: Jiraiya directly sealed Itachi's unstoppable Amaterasu with the Sealing Fire Formula. Itachi panicked and warned Kisame to retreat quickly or risk being killed. [Jiraiya's powerful moves: Gojo Ten'yin, Toad Transformation, Foot Sealing, Swamp of the Underworld, Sealing Fire Formula]