Boruto: The Strongest Psychic Beast Revealed


Boruto: The Next Generation is regaining popularity since Masashi Kishimoto took over. In a previous episode, Boruto summons a demon that nearly destroys the ninja school. Mitsuki saves the day and this incident sets up future events. 

Boruto seeks the help of the White Snake Sage to obtain important information left by Mitsuki. The Sage refuses, but offers a deal: Boruto must obtain the Reverse Scale of Shinjitsu, a red snake in the cave. 

Shikadai asks why only Shinjitsu has the Reverse Scale and learns that removing it makes the snake docile. To control the snake, Boruto must remove the scale and make it his summoning beast. 

Shinjitsu is speculated to be the strongest snake in the cave. Mitsuki's loyalty to Konoha is uncertain, with only Hokage and Naruto knowing the truth. Mitsuki may be pretending for now. What are your thoughts?