Dale Earnhardt Jr. Surprises Wife Amy with Sweet Baby Gender Reveal


Just last month we all got to share in the joy as Amy Earnhardt surprised her husband with the news that was on the way. In her sweet video from their kitchen, we see Dale Earnhardt Jr. react to what's written on their daughter Isla's shirt. "Super, amazing sister," he said in a tone of disbelief, and asking his wife if it was a joke. It was not. They were expanding their family of 3 to 4.

Late Thursday afternoon, the NASCAR driver turned broadcaster turned the tables on his wife and he surprised her and Isla with the cutest gender reveal. He explained in a video on his Instagram today that he got the information and he was going to surprise Amy this time.


"I had ordered a pair of shoes and they are in this box and she's going to open it. She got to surprise me with the pregnancy, so I get to surprise her with the news. I'm so excited! Come on, Amy!" The famous dad could not contain his delight. Amy then comes on camera and opens the big box to reveal a tiny shoebox. She calls Isla over to find out what color the wee little Converse are.

With a squeal first from Amy and then from little Isla, we hear the word "pink" as smiles spread across all of the Earnhardt's faces. The doting parents tell Isla she is going to have a little sister. But Isla was more interested in trying on those pink sneakers. Honestly, we can't blame her there.

Congratulations, Earnhardt family!