Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Amy Earnhardt Are Expecting Baby Number 2


As we all hunker down in our homes during this uncertain time, getting a bit of good news is a welcome change. This morning, we got the best kind of news from Amy Earnhardt, wife of NASCAR's beloved son, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Or rather, we got the news from their nearly two-year-old daughter, Isla, on Amy's Instagram feed.

"I'm gonna be a seester," the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, cherubic first daughter of the couple exclaimed with her arms in the air for extra emphasis. Amy quickly followed up with another video generously sharing the moment that Dale found out he was about to be the .

Off camera you can hear Amy coaxing her husband to read Isla's tee shirt.


Dale walks closer to where his daughter is just out of the camera frame, and he reads, "super, amazing, sister." You can almost see the words computing in his brain as he steps back and looks up at his wife with a surprised and slightly baffled expression. Then, in this exciting moment of sheer surprise, he says "What? How do you know it's a girl?" Amy responds through laughter, "She's a sister either way." As the grin expands on his face, Dale asks his wife if this is a joke, and she assures him it is not. That happy, proud dad smile exudes undeniable, contagious joy. In the comments below this second post, Dale wrote, "Shocked and confused me was very happy."

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We are so thrilled for the Earnhardt family and so glad they have shared the happy news with all of us, when really need all the happiness we can find.