8 US soldiers released from hospital after armored vehicle crash at Hohenfels


STUTTGART, Germany — Two soldiers were slated to be released from a Bavarian hospital Thursday after being treated for injuries stemming from a training accident that hurt eight in all, the Army said this week.

The injuries occurred Tuesday during a nighttime tactical movement at the Army’s training area in Hohenfels, where two M113 armored personnel carriers collided at a slow speed, Joint Multinational Readiness Center spokesman Maj. John Ambelang said in a statement Wednesday.

The crash coincided with Saber Junction 23, a large drill involving several thousand troops.

Eight soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment were taken to a hospital in Regensburg after the crash.


Six of those soldiers were released Wednesday, Ambelang said, adding that an investigation is underway.

Ahead of every exercise, the training center at Hohenfels rehearses medical evacuations to prepare for the possibility of injuries, he said.

There have been a series of crashes involving military vehicles in the area surrounding the Bavarian ranges at Hohenfels and Grafenwoehr in recent months.

In August, 1st Lt. Hailey Hodsden, a platoon leader with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment’s 4th Squadron, vehicle on a highway near the village of Tirschenreuth.

In late July, eight soldiers in Vilseck were injured after their transport vehicle overturned while heading to a training range in the Grafenwoehr area.

Also, seven soldiers were injured in April after two armored vehicles convoying to the Grafenwoehr collided.