Bus Driver Gets a Strange Feeling about a Boy on the Bus and Stays Alert When He Sees the Boy’s Feet


Bus drivers see hundreds of people every week. Some of them are happy while others are sad. There are those who look like they are always on the rush while others look distracted and lost.

Of all these people, bus drivers have a set that they call as their regulars. These are the people who ride every day to get to work or school.

Daily Life on the Road

Tim Watson is one of those bus drivers. He pays attention to the people getting on and off his bus. Over the years, he's gotten to know his regular riders. He knows their drop-off points and has gotten used to their daily schedules as well.


Some of them had even become his friends.

Whenever they get on and off the bus, they would usually have a quick conversation. Tim often tells them simple things such as "take care" or "enjoy your day." In return, they would wish for his safety on the road as well. It goes the same every day until one particular morning. 

First-time Passengers

That day, Tim was driving his regular route. The day was going well, and he was operating as smoothly as he can. Then, on a bus stop, a man and a boy got on his bus.

Tim was sure the pair was not his regulars. The man seemed to be in his mid-twenties, and he looked distracted.


They chose a seat in the middle, and he was evidently restraining the little boy who was clearly not in the mood.

Unusual Tantrums

When this little boy got on the bus with a young man, the little boy started crying.  That was something that Tim saw often – it's not uncommon for children to get on a bus in the middle of a temper tantrum.

However, that day, the bus driver felt that the little boy's crying was not the typical temper tantrum. There was evident fear in his eyes. That's not how the typical child looks when getting on the bus with a family member even if they are in the middle of a temper tantrum.


Strange Feeling

Try as he might, Tim couldn't resist but look from time to time at the new passengers. The little boy continued to cry despite the man's bidding. It seemed like the man was urging the little boy to sleep or to keep quiet.

It was unusual for Tim to check on his passengers on his rearview mirror. However, there was something in his gut was forcing him to take notice. There was a strange feeling, but he just couldn't figure it out at once. But when he looked again, something caught his eye.