Pen15 Season 2, Part 2 Trailer Shows Maya & Anna Running Away From Home.

The Pen15 season 2, part 2 trailer shows Maya and Anna running away from home. Created and written by Maya Erskin and Anna Konkle, Pen15 debuted on Hulu in 2019 and quickly became a critical hit. Starring Erskine and Konkle as fictionalized 13-year-old versions of themselves, Pen15 follows Anna and Maya as they navigate their middle school years with gel pens, AOL dial-up, and cropped PE shirts. Last September, Hulu released the first seven episodes of season 2, which closed out with Maya and Anna dealing with major life changes. Now, the titular best friends are back in a fresh batch of coming-of-age episodes. 

Hulu released the trailer for Pen15 season 2, part 2, which shows Anna and Maya running away, grappling with parental divorce, awkward kisses, grief, and first cell phones. Slated to debut on December 3, seven new episodes of Pen15 continue to dive into the trials and tribulations the BFFs endure while surviving junior high. Check out the trailer for the second half of Pen15 season 2 below:

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Indeed, as indicated in the new trailer, Pen15 continues to dole out hilarious moments while tackling topical issues. For now, it appears Pen15 season 2, part 2 will feature Anna and Maya in a new, complicated phase of their lives and the girls find themselves running away from home. Of course, the second batch of episodes from Pen15 season 2 has been highly anticipated by fans and could be another cringe-worthy, heartfelt, and poignant winner for Hulu. New episodes of Pen15 will be available to stream on December 2 on Hulu.