"Not a male story": Gal Gadot Said Tom Cruise, Matt Damon's Franchise With Combined $5.75B Worth as Reason Behind 'Female-Driven' Thriller That Ended Up a Disaster - FandomWire

Gal Gadot is an actress who has made a name for herself as a major action star due to her role as Wonder Woman in the DCEU. Not just DCEU, the actress is also a part of other major films like , and . With her skills and alluring beauty, she has managed to make a place in the hearts of the fans.

Her recent release, , is a spy action flick that attempts to explore the world similar to major franchises like, and . But seems to have not worked out for her.

Before the release of her movie,, talked about the action genre and how it is majorly a male-dominated one even today. She mentioned major franchises like Matt Damon’s franchise and led by Tom Cruise are the ones that dominate the genre. The actress claimed that there is an audience for female-led action franchises and that she took inspiration from these major franchises to create a story that would be led by a female protagonist.

In an interview with Empire, Gadot explained,


She further talked about her then-upcoming movie,

Gadot did somewhat oversell the movie, as failed to impress and earned only a 28% score on Rotten Tomatoes with mixed reviews.


This is no news to anyone that Tom Cruise is an actor synonymous with the action genre in Hollywood. Not just, the actor has also led major projects like the duology, and , among many other genre-defining movies. So when Gadot claimed that he is the inspiration behind her spy-action movie, the fans understand what she means. Though the movie failed to live up to its inspiration, it did set quite a high benchmark for itself.


Talking about Cruise in an interview with ComicBook, the actress stated,

Tom Cruise is the person who has taken over the genre since the late ’90s and is still doing it, decades later. Though critics found Rachel Stone wasn’t even close to his Ethan Hunt, the fans can still be the judge themselves.

is available for streaming on Netflix.


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