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Gal Gadot is undoubtedly emerging as one of the top action movie actresses in Hollywood. The Miss Israel winner was first approached for the role in , but the part ultimately went to Olga Kurleynko. Gadot made her Hollywood debut in the 2009 action film as Gisele Yashar. From there, she went on to play the superhero character Wonder Woman in DCEU.

Gal Gadot is trained in martial arts and served as a trainer for the Israel Defense Forces. But her fighting experience also means the actress is no stranger to injuries, as was the case with her new Netflix movie, .

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Netflix’s spy action thriller also features and alongside . The film got mixed to negative reviews from the critics. However, the actress was praised for her performance, especially her execution of stunts. However, the intense stunt from the movie took its toll on the actress.

In an interview with The Sun, Gadot revealed that she incurred bruises on her legs and back while filming the action sequences for the movie. The actress recalled an incident when she was out with her daughters in a summer dress, entirely unaware of the visible bruises, and people were staring at her. actress told The Sun:

Gadot also revealed that she sustained injuries to her neck and back discs due to the intense training and filming for her physically demanding role. She dismisses it as just part of the job description.

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Further, Gal Gadot admitted that certain aspects of the filming are less enjoyable for her. But, when it comes to action scenes, she really enjoys filming them. With her training background, she performs a significant portion of her stunts, but the actress remarked that she celebrates her stunt artists and gives due credit to them.

Gadot conceded that filming action sequences can get risky and dangerous. Therefore, the actress seeks help from her stunt artists from time to time, some of whom she has worked with for many years. The actress was recently confirmed to continue her involvement with DC as Wonder Woman. Rumors hint that a third movie will be announced soon.

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, despite its critical setbacks, has gained the number-one spot on Netflix’s weekly charts. Released on August 11th, the film is now available for streaming on the platform.


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