"It's one of the best things to have come out": James Gunn Hints His Wonder Woman Reboot Might Be Inspired by the Best Comic-Book Storyline Amid Gal Gadot Return Reports - FandomWire

American director James Gunn is well-known for his work on the films, the TV show and his role as co-CEO of DC Universe. In addition, he is known for his dark humor and his capacity to develop likable characters in strange situations. Gunn’s films have received recognition for their visual flair, humor, and action scenes.

James Gunn suggested that he is working on a revival in a recent interview. Without providing any specifics, he stated that he is excited about the project and that he believes it has the potential to be something special. However, according to rumors that have been circulating on social media, there is a possibility that Gal Gadot may reprise her role as the character.

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James Gunn is a favorably fascinating person who, at times, is hard to grasp; both MCU and DCU fans are shocked by his actions and reasons. When he first entered the DC Universe, he disregarded Zack Snyder’s the franchise’s lone saving grace. He then went on to oust Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot, the big three of the comic franchise.

DCU is presently at its lowest point after a string of box office flops, and Gunn is the only one who can restore it to its prior brilliance, maybe even surpass it. But things are not looking well so far, though Gunn has just dropped another bomb as he recently praised a character belonging to The Amazons. This fueled rumors of a potential reboot.

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Historia is a breathtaking work of sequential art & one of the best things to come out of & comics in the past few years. Thank you to , , , & for this incredible experience. Get it here:

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn)

The DCU director recently shared on that he was highly impressed and even praised the character Historia, an Amazonian warrioress. Gunn claimed that the character is a work of art and is one of the best DC comic characters to be ever made.

A rumor that suggested the upcoming prequel television series would take influence from Historia surfaced shortly before Gunn’s statement. The DCU won’t have the same origin as Gal Gadot’s version, which was shown in the DCEU’s according to reliable insider CanWeGetSomeToast.

The scooper posted a picture of both Gadot’s Wonder Woman and the hardcover collection version of . This raises the possibility that though it’s not confirmed, Wonder Woman might get a potential reboot. But for now, Gunn’s subsequent DCEU reboot related to Wonder Woman is .

is rumored to be in discussions to return as Wonder Woman in a remake of the series. made a hint that he was working on a film, which sparked these rumors. It’s crucial to remember that nothing has been confirmed yet. Warner Bros. has not released any information, and Gadot has also not responded to the rumors.

Gunn would score a significant victory if Gadot did decide to reprise her role as Wonder Woman. She is renowned for her depiction of the role and apart from being one of the most well-known actors in the world, she was an initial member of DCEU. Gadot’s reappearance would provide the revival with some much-needed star power.

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Of course, it’s also possible that Gadot won’t reprise her role as Wonder Woman. She has already stated that she is prepared to leave the position. It would be a huge loss for the business if she did decide to retire. What Wonder Woman’s future contains can only be determined with time. But one thing is certain: fans are undoubtedly enthused about the reports of a revival.


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