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James Cameron introduced cinema lovers to the vibrant world of Pandora with the 2009 sci-fi action . Starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in lead roles, the movie became the highest-grossing film of all time and has continued to hold its status to this day with a lifetime gross of $2.9 billion. The sequel, released in 2022, has also been received very well by the audience and has taken the third spot among the highest-grossing films.

The makers and star cast of the film are enjoying the massive success of the franchise, which is set to continue for three more sequels. However, there have been many actors who either had to decline offers or failed their auditions. One such name also includes the star Chris Pine, who recalled his horrible audition for Cameron’s sci-fi during an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

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Popular for starring alongside in DC’s film series, revealed that he also auditioned for 2009 sci-fi action . While it could have been the opportunity that would have changed the course of his career, the actor claims that the audition will

During an interview with the Chicago Tribune, he recalled that he messed up his audition as he did not really believe in himself. he shared as he mentioned that he stopped midway in his audition. While he admitted that he was not too great at his audition, he also stated,

The actor shared that knowing that he was not doing very well, he couldn’t put the casting director through his terrible audition, and stated that she also found it hilarious, saying, However, he did not mind the reaction, as he was aware that he was and decided to say goodbye to the billion-dollar franchise.

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landed the lead role of Jake Sully in James Cameron’s 2009 film after auditioning twice for the role. The actor has shared that he was living in a car when he auditioned for the movie. he shared.

Producer of the 2009 film Jon Landau also shared that they had a hard time reaching out to the actor as “ before adding, While he landed the role in the biggest movie of all time, some A-list stars almost replaced him as Jake Sully in the franchise.

Apart from Chris Pine, Matt Damon was offered the role, but he had to decline it as he was busy with the series. Marvel stars Chris Evans, Jake Gyllenhall, and Chris Pratt were also in line, along with Channing Tatum. However, the filmmaker was quite intrigued by Worthington, and he eventually won the role.

The franchise is available on Disney+.

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