Naruto's 4 rare looks


1. Naruto discovers the existence of the Nine-Tailed Fox inside him, leading him to explore his spiritual world and communicate with the Fox.

2. Young Naruto: Unable to control the Fox's power, Naruto often transforms into a terrifying red Chakra when he becomes emotionally overwhelmed.

3. Naruto the Crossdresser: As a child, Naruto's only talent seemed to be crossdressing and deceiving men, showing his early interest in female disguises.

4. Naruto's Nightmare: When training under the Eight-Tails Jinchūriki Killer Bee, Naruto confronts his dark side, aptly named Nightmare Naruto. Unable to defeat this dark version of himself, Naruto realizes the potential horrors he could unleash.

5. Toad Naruto: While training for Sage Mode at Mount Myōboku, Naruto struggles to control his natural Chakra and occasionally transforms into a fat, comical toad-like form.