Naruto: Several ways to break Tsuchikage Dust Release


1. Absorption: The Rinnegan can absorb ninjutsu attacks, nullifying them completely. Uchiha Madara used this power during the Fourth Great Ninja War to absorb Onoki's Dust Release attack.

2. Escape: Kamui is a space-time ninjutsu that allows the user to escape from powerful attacks. Uchiha Obito saved Uchiha Sasuke from Onoki's Dust Release attack by teleporting him to another dimension.

3. Rebound: Uchiha Itachi's Yata Mirror is capable of rebounding any attack. The Uchiha Clan Fan can absorb and deflect ninjutsu attacks. Uchiha Madara used the Blaze Fan to deflect Naruto's Tailed Beast Ball.



Shinra Tensei is an important ability of the Rinnegan that can repel all objects, including physical and ninjutsu attacks. It can be used both defensively and offensively. Pain used it to devastate Konohagakure.

5. Defense: Gudōdama are powerful black spheres formed when activating the Six Paths Sage Mode. They can nullify all ninjutsu attacks except ninjutsu and taijutsu, including Dust Release attacks