Police Officers Escort Daughter Of Fallen Cop On First Day Of Kindergarten


Tennessee Police officers escort a fallen officer's daughter on her first day of kindergarten. Their heartwarming gesture for Anna Stolinsky will always be remembered by her and her family.

Anna has fond memories of her dad Lieutenant Kevin Stolinsky, from La Vergne Police, who passed away last year while on duty due to a medical emergency.

She says he was a kind person and wishes that she could see him again but alas that would not be possible. Her mother reminds her that he loved her very much.

The first day of school is an unforgettable experience for anyone and that's why her late father's colleagues wanted to let her know how much they cared for her by turning up to escort her to kindergarten.


A video of the moment was captured and shared on social media that shows Tennessee police officers shaking hands and sharing hugs with Anna as she walked across the sidewalks to her school.

As she reached the end, her nana was waiting to give her a big hug and then one last hug from mom for Anna before she went off into the school.

When Anna was interviewed about the incident, she said she was happy to see everyone but wished she could see her daddy too. Even though she cannot see her daddy again, she has many caring father figures in her life who will watch over her and be a part of important milestones in her life.