Cops Goes Above And Beyond For 92-Year-Old WWII Veteran Who’s Using A Stove To Keep Warm


Police officers and community members went extra mile for a 92-year-old World War II veteran who was living without proper heating.

Louis C. Hicks, who served his country in World War II, called the Austin Police Department when somebody started stealing tools from the shed behind his home.

Officer Chastity Salazar responded to his call and reached his home to file a report. Salazar found that Hicks is using a gas stove and an oven to heat the home. She realized that the veteran needed some help.

"That's just what we do as police officers," Salazar said. "I had realized that he's using the oven. I know that's not safe.


His gas is on."

Salazar immediately reached out to her colleagues. Austin police visited Hicks' home again. This time, they were carrying a heater for his home. It was just the first step in showing the hero some love and appreciation for his service.

On Jan. 31, Hicks received an electric fireplace, installed in his home. Officer Bino Cadenas has been visiting him regularly and came up with a list of items the veteran wished he could have.

"I've never had no one to do nothing for me," an emotional Hicks said. "After my mother passed away and left me to take care of my two sisters — nobody never did nothing to help me.



"You hate to ask anybody 'cause sometimes they'll frown on you, and I'm a true veteran," Hicks said. "I won't ask. I won't ask."

Hicks has been thanking the officers and the community for all the help.

"The things I've been trying to do since the '40s. I've been asking for help and now it just came in. God is good," Hicks said.