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Although actress and model Gal Gadot is famously known for her role as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, the 38-year-old initially rose to fame with her Fast & Furious role in 2009. The Israeli actress, despite bagging prominent roles, was arguably considered the best choice as a DC superhero.

Following her appearance in the DC movies, Gal Gadot thus captivated Hollywood with not just her charm and glam, but also her phenomenal acting skills. But her beauty still remains an epitome of magnificence. And while one might think that there’s no one as gorgeous as her, Gadot believes she has a doppelganger in the industry, itself.

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Juggling her career since the age of 18, the Israeli actress, Gal Gadot navigated into Hollywood through her modeling career. Participating and winning the 2004 Miss Israel pageant, Gadot became an overnight star due to her captivating beauty. Thus, following her time in the military and through her successful modeling career, the 38-year-old eventually found her way into Hollywood. 

Working with Gucci and Jaguar, secured her first major acting role in Fast & Furious in 2009. Appearing as Gisele Yashar, the actress further reprised her role in three more films from the franchise. She further appeared in comedies like Date Night and Knight and Day . However, nothing catapulted her to fame like her role as the DC superhero Wonder Woman. 

The 38-year-old actress landed her breakthrough role as Diana Prince for the first time in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and further received a solo movie, Wonder Woman in 2017. However, throughout her career, Gadot has been hailed for her enchanting beauty over her phenomenal performance. And while fans believe her flawless glam is incomparable, the actress claims to have found her clone in Hollywood. 

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With time flying by, Gal Gadot has secured a Netflix spy thriller Heart of Stone, co-starring and Alia Bhatt. Thus, appearing on Wired for promoting their 2023 film, the trio sat for an interview where they answered most searched queries about themselves, on Google. That’s when Gadot came after the doppelganger question and revealed having her clone in Hollywood. 

Removing the tape from the question, “ Who looks like Gal Gadot ?” the 38-year-old reverted to how she considers Johnny Depp’s $4.5B franchise co-star as her clone. Although her answer left her co-star Jamie Dornan flustered, due to his once-upon-a-time romantic association with Knightley, Gadot remained adamant about her belief.

Gal Gadot replied,

I bet if you Google it, your ex. I’m so sorry [laughs]. Keira Knightley…I think like, we look like sisters .”

Gadot’s reply not only caught Jamie Dornan by surprise but even her fans. However, the actress was supported by her other co-star Alia Bhatt, while Dornan tried hiding his peach blush face behind the board. 

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